Dream Challenge 2014
Holistic Approach to Heath & Beauty
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Rozanne brings with it a fusion of both cosmetic as well as curative Laser treatments , also covering botox , fillers,chemical peels,mesotherapy etc...
Voice Your Passion
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Voice your Passion with a Story on Expin.me. A Story about you, your interests, views and passion. A Story that has Words, Pictures, Videos and Sound....
A platform to share and borrow clothes
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want to create an online community marketplace where women can easily share and borrow clothes from each other. It would be like an 'airbnb' of fashio...
Hasovan believes in tickling your funny bone to i
Savitha Jayaprakash
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Hasovan - Entry for the Dream Challenge 2014 HASOVAN, believes in tickling your funny bone to ignite laughter within a person. Laughter creates healt...
Groceshoppers Evolution
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Entry for Dream Challenge 2014 Groceshoppers offers hand picked spices only from the finest parts of India....