It’s time to wake up to a world where everyone has an equal right to Dream and every Dream has an equal opportunity to get realised.

DREAM:IN is a big and bold attempt to dispel fears and unlock the imagination of people everywhere. A positive shift of focus from needs to dreams. New connections that mean something. New systems for adding sustained value and meaning to enterprise, society and life.

DREAM:IN is a continuous exploration. Within every individual, listening to voices, listening to what cannot be expressed in words. Exploring the inner world of individuals, everywhere possible – across age, class, caste, income groups. To reveal a wealth of inspiration, insights and innovative ideas. Ideas that can discover and expand the potential of individuals exponentially. Ideas that are completely original, big and exciting to many potential stakeholders and that can be taken from vision to realization with limited resources speedily. That can progress societies, nations and lives in an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable manner.

The DREAM:IN vision, simply explained is to explore dreams and to work towards dream realisation. To sensitise society, to catalyze solutions and demonstrate results by mobilising talent and resources.

Examine the pyramid. The top of the pyramid is a safe place to be. Take the bottom of the pyramid - life is always uncertain there and people live fragile lives. The bottom is relatively static and a climb up is treacherous. With the potential to move one step forward, with the possibility of one seasonal setback, taking the individual and his/her entire family ten steps back! Only when the line of uncertainty is crossed, does the situation reverse itself.

Can we challenge the status quo? Not preserve it but transform the pyramid into a dynamic device where everyone moves forward steadily?

With rigorous exploration, with the right methods, that dream can be discovered. Most people keep their dreams hidden from even their own selves, especially if they feel that no one is interested in them. A bitterness results as our dreams are covered in a rough outer skin of fears and anxieties. Once that coarse layer is unpeeled, the imagination begins to open up and everyone has creative dreams, scenarios almost, for one’s near and dear ones, for one’s community, people, and atleast the nation, if not the world.

The DREAM:IN explorations have revealed that people do have the desire and the ideas for the good of others besides themselves and also have a giving nature. Deep inside everyone, however is the big idea the seed that has the most potential for new creation, for creating a fresh and vivid picture of our collective future.

The online space is an open source system to build and strengthen the imagination network.

Systems that map and publish the development of individuals, enabling them to seek real time feedback and/or funds besides providing knowledge and tools at their fingertips.

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A virtual space through which anyone, anywhere, anytime can upload their Dreams. They can create and spread the network of users and enablers in quick time and work towards realising their Dreams. This will create a network of people that is more progressive than a conventional network; an Imagination Network, a place where people can find other believers and supporters to help them move forward.

Users can upload Dreams that are personal, entrepreneurial or socially impactful in nature. A personal Dream to share their innermost aspirations with the world. An enterprise Dream, where users can upload their entrepreneurial aspirations (at any stage) and connect to a worldwide network of mentors and investors, to take their idea from Dream to Realisation. A social impact Dream that may be converted into projects or ventures by the Dreamer, which in the future may get funding through various mechanisms such as crowd funding or grants, etc., to help take it through to reality on the ecosystem.

Currently, there are on ground activities like DREAM:IN Journeys that are supporting the portal, which are constantly generating a growing number of users and Dreamers. DREAM:IN has already collected thousands of Dreams, and all these will be reflected on the online space. All new Dreams, either uploaded online or collected through the DreamCatching methodology, shall (after being edited and analysed) be published by the DREAM:IN Team.

Everyone will have access to the Imagination network. An application process will be created to reach out to people that have no direct access to the internet. This could be through journeys and DreamBooths.

The portal will also serve as a repository of qualitative data, a source of inspiration to Dreamers everywhere and a place to share your Dream and work towards realising it.

Research, Training, Consultancy and New Knowledge around starting up and sustaining new progress or ventures. Business and Design Thinking, Strategy, IP, legal, accounting, operations, social marketing etc.

Education, Training, Innovation, Analytics, Research and Consulting covering the areas of sociology, anthropology, psychology, ethnography and the DREAM:IN Methodology tailor made for entrepreneurs, corporates, constituencies and institutions both locally and globally.

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Global Academic Program

A collaboration has been set up with universities worldwide to impart the DREAM:IN Methodology, which has been recognized as a global game changer. The program takes an inter-disciplinary approach, anchored in a methodology that has been tried and tested through the DREAM:IN Journey and DREAM:IN Conclave at Bangalore in 2011. This methodology has been practiced in Brazil, China and the USA, and today, there are more than 600 practitioners across the world. As an academic program, students now have the opportunity to access resource-persons and resource materials put together across India, Parsons New York, six universities in Brazil, 2 universities and 1 educational institute in China. The program follows a general framework and can be customised to meet the requirements of the academic rigors in each local region.


DREAM:IN Global Academic Program is a collaboration with Parsons, School of Design Strategies, New York to scale up design and innovation globally. A DREAM:IN Chapter has been set up at Parsons.


Six universities, 16 faculty and 300 students engaged in a journey across Brazil with local Conclaves and a big DREAM:IN Conclave in Sao Paulo in 2012. Read more


DREAM:IN Global Academic Program was a design led innovation project that was implemented in China in the spring of 2013, in 2 Chinese universities and 1 educational institute. Read more

Education, Training, Innovation, Analytics, Research and Consulting

For entrepreneurs, corporates, constituencies and institutions both locally and globally.

DREAM:IN consults with entrepreneurs, corporates, constituencies and institutions through a variety of tailor made programs.

DIP – Design Imagination Potential

The DIP program entails a whole new mindset and a set of very different skills and tools for new breakthroughs, along with paradigms to create new value imaginatively.

Transformation from -
Problems to Opportunities
Fearful to Imaginative
Thinking to Doing
What is to What can be
Complex to Simple

Unlocking the imagination of people at every level frees them up to simplify and to work sharper and smarter, with deeper understanding and complete awareness.

It is a hyper process that sits on top of, and accelerates existing systems.

The Methodology
A combination of theory and practice
Informed by design research
Powered by imagination
To unlock individual potential

The Process

Do Feel Know
Hands on experience enabled by a set of experiences and tools leading up to personal impressions and realisations, powered by knowledge. To Dream, to Realise, to create new paradigms it is almost essential to
a. Create empathy
b. Nurture curiosity
c. Have concentration and focus
d. Develop deep discipline
e. And most importantly, have the courage to explore new paths

Learning Programs
4 + 2 Months
Each program is a 4+2 month long multidimensional program that stimulates new thinking, perspectives and is outcome orientated.
Enterprise DIP
Social Impact DIP
Intrapreneur DIP

Interdisciplinary interactions and co-creation sessions help to pool knowledge, unlock potential and catalyze value. They lead to creating new business or social models and shaping them into ventures, ideas that are worth incubating, research projects or social action initiatives, with a sustainable core.

2 Day to 3 Weeks
Each intensive is an open studio with practical exercises and experience, demonstrations by successful practitioners and knowledge inputs from subject matter experts.
The intensives are skill and outcome oriented.
Movie DIP
Visual Design DIP
Interaction Design DIP
Food Design DIP
New Art and Craft DIP
Experience Design DIP
Service Design DIP
Leadership DIP
Innovation DIP

A super incubator and eco-system to transform youth from being mere consumers of income and employment to become creators of income and employment.

A movement to engage with the youth, understand and record their aspirations which will become the basis for the creation of Next Generation Enterprise and Social Action Plans with a high level of business and design mentorship. This will be achieved in a unique convergence of business and design, online and on ground, education and practice, imagination and networks, plans and prototypes.

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Young people with big vision taking small steps towards ambitious goals are no longer just consumers of jobs and wealth, but are creators of new value and employment.

IT IS PREDICTED THAT BY 2020, there will be 47 million unemployed, educated youth in India alone.

The Arab spring, Occupy Wall Street, the Hikkoman of Japan, the recent siege of the Indian capital are all signs of things to come.

Can we shift focus from needs to Dreams and systems to self?

Can we create a culture/ecosystem for inspiring entrepreneurs?

Education is clearly not the only answer. It needs to be supplemented with systems that connect them to the spirit of innovation. This is the next generation that outperforms the previous in sports, gaming, creativity, technology and academics and they must be given the inspiration and the means to realise their Dreams.

DREAM:IN aims to bridge this gap, to create Next Generation Entrepreneurs that will serve as role models for the generations to come.

Change projects designed to wake up communities by prototyping bottom up, inside out development methodologies through adoption of communities, constituencies and districts and also partnering with progressive institutions and corporates.

These change projects can be applied and implemented across any geography or constituency. They can be CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and not for profit initiatives. DREAM:IN Tumkur is a pilot project that is being implemented in the Tumkur district (which is in the South of India, in the state of Karnataka, around 70 km away from Bangalore city) to demonstrate the application of this inside out development model at a district level.

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Where does the starting point of innovation, design and all creation lie? Not in the industrial economy, not in the knowledge economy, but in the creative economy! The infinite potential of individuals is the best resource for an emerging or already established economy.

A complex yet simple design system that engages with diverse clusters of people in a meaningful way to capture Dreams and take them from imagination to reality with skill speed and imagination has been developed.

To create inclusive prosperity, sustainable lifestyles, equal basic minimum health education and living standards, the need of the day is social innovation, social action and a new social design. A large task, which requires a dynamic and dense open innovation system, involving diverse talent sets and actions in order to shape a balanced future.


In March 2012, DREAM:IN connected with the Manipal Foundation, who saw promise and potential in the methodology to spur social transformation and development. Manipal Foundation has initiated social work in Tumkur district (just 70 km from Bangalore and fast developing into a satellite for the metropolis) and suggested that the district be adopted for the project . The consensus was that Tumkur should be where the district prototype is initiated.

DREAM:IN Tumkur gave a platform to the residents of the district to share their Dreams. Subsequently these Dreams were worked on, and based on the DREAM:IN methodology the ideas were DreamScaped by a group of designers, practitioners, academicians, students and industry professionals who worked together to create scenarios for Tumkur, resulting in the creation of a ‘Tree of Life’. These results were then showcased at a Conclave, held at SIT, Tumkur, that was attended by a host of participants from both Bangalore and Tumkur.

Post this, the consensus was to create the 'Agripreneur', to rekindle socio-economic value in being a farmer, to upgrade the agriculturists and to create a value added food processing/ distribution system. DREAM:IN is creating a new brand, leasing it out to producer groups and facilitating direct movement from Farm to Plate, from mind to markets. As of date 3 farmer groups have formed separate business entities and the brand created by DREAM:IN is being licensed to the farmer groups at no cost. The product is planned for release in the market by September 2013.

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