DREAM:IN Brazil was the result of a collaboration between the DREAM:IN Team in India and a group of inspired and hardworking individuals based in Brazil.

Six universities, 16 faculty and 300 students engaged in a journey across Brazil with local Conclaves and a big DREAM:IN Conclave in Sao Paulo in 2012

The DREAM:IN BRAZIL project led by the Vivarta Institute in Brazil had been in development since January 2012. The process was launched in Brazil as Prof. Carlos Teixeira corresponded with Brazilian universities, who with a great degree of openness and flexibility, chose to engage with the DREAM:IN Global Academic Program. The first university to join the project was PUC Rio. Soon, other universities too realized the merit in engaging with the program.

Professors from six design departments of Brazilian universities were trained to teach the DREAM:IN methodology which lays emphasis on innovation and design thinking, creating new value and meaning for the people of Brazil. The DREAM:IN methodology and learnings were transferred from New York and India via Cisco Webex to the universities who then created their own DREAM:IN Journeys and Conclaves, investing their own energy, time and resources.

This entire effort was managed locally by Claudia M Davis and Luiza Tolosa. Luiza had made the personal effort to spend two months in India, to learn about and absorb DREAM:IN. In Rio de Janeiro, the method was applied, in partnership with the PUC-Rio City Hall and the Firjan, in the revitalization of the Docklands and the City Centre and a big local Conclave allowed the insights and ideas to be shared locally as well.

Design departments of five other higher education institutions were also involved in DREAM:IN:
The Superior School of Advertising and Marketing of Sao Paulo (ESPM-SP)
The University of Brasilia (UnB)
The State University of Minas Gerais (UEMG)
The Federal University of Maranhao (UFMA)
The University of Vale dos Sinos, in Rio Grande do Sul (Unisinos).
All the data from the universities, all the energy, was channeled into creating the DREAM: IN Conclave in Sao Paulo, crow-fluiddfunded on Catarse, managed by Vivarta and many other team members who gave not only their time but also resources to the effort!

DREAM:IN Brazil Conclave, Sao Paulo

On the 9th, 10th and 11th of August, 2012, 400 participants, including leaders, students, teachers, professionals and entrepreneurs gathered at ESPM-SP (Superior School of Advertising and Marketing) in Sao Paulo to watch the videos collected by the universities, and to hear the testimonials from national and international Big Dreamers.

The Dreamers included choreographer Ivaldo Bertazzo; entrepreneur Luis Ribeiro of Catarse, a collaborative funding website; Alessandra Franca, creator/founder of Banco Perola; George Koukis, owner of Temenos, a venture that had failed multiple times but in his hands has become a leading provider of software for the global banking system; Prof. Carlos Teixeira, Associate Professor at Parsons The New School for Design, specializing in innovation through design in developing countries, Sonia Manchanda, founding partner of Idiom Design and Consulting and Chief Creative Officer of the DREAM:IN organization and Kush Medhora Co-founder and CEO of the DREAM:IN organization, headquartered in Bangalore, India.

10th and 11th August 2012

A space with a great view of Sao Paulo, ESPM's beautiful corporate training center was generously made available for the DreamScaping sessions, which were anchored by Prof. Carlos Teixeira. The first task of the morning was to sort out the Dream themes, to arrive at ten chosen ones. The themes that emerged were:
1. New Heroes
2. Education for the future
3. Reintegration in society
4. Public political engagement
6. Dynamics of diversity
7. Urban quality of life
8. Promotion of autonomy in Arts
9. Physical and mental health
10. Talent potential

There were 10 tables and many people in the room. Every table had a DreamCatalyst and a manager, along with other experts and talented young people. About 100 people worked over two days to generate ideas... 120 of them, in quick time, across many sessions.

Rich Ideas

The ideas presented were very rich. Joao Neto, a farmer came down to Sao Paulo and participated in his first 'design thinking' session. His team came up with the idea of a kiosk, from where anyone can pick up a local 'farm souvenir', with details and contact numbers of the farmer, connecting the urban and rural population, producers and consumers, through technology.

The feedback was very positive from farmers, young Dreamers, academicians, and finance professionals alike. Everyone felt that DREAM:IN is like a practical TED. Human, intellectual and creative!

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